AHS Regional 4 Conference 2018

Come to Nova Scotia, feel at home

Due to a much smaller than expected number of registrations, we have had to cancel the Region 4 Conference as described previously on our web site. The numbers just didn't make it financially feasible. A big disappoint for sure and yet, we then had two choices. We could have cancelled the event completely and simply refunded the monies paid out for registrations OR we could change our offerings to reflect the smaller crowd and thereby continue forward.

Continue forward it is!

As a result, we have made many changes – reduced cost, a much smaller venue, car pooling in place of rental buses, a single provided meal rather than a number of them - the overall program however has remained the same - just compacted.

FRIDAY, July 27

The weekend will start off on Friday afternoon and evening with a meet and greet hosted by our conference organizer and her family, who will open her home and garden to us for a tour and a barbecue. She lives close to Peggy’s Cove and this would be an excellent opportunity for the early afternoon to enjoy a side trip to this landmark.


In the morning, you will arrange for your own breakfast and lunch after which we will be picking you up from your hotel around noon. A short drive and we will arrive at Harbour Breezes Daylilies with host Alan Banks. For a couple of hours we will tour the many offering this seaside garden has to offer. Comfortable shoes and a camera are two musts for this trip. Once we finish our tour we will head to a local venue the Salmon River Inn for dinner, guest speakers, silent auction and plant auction.

SUNDAY, July 29

In the morning, recovered from the previous day, you will once again arrange your own breakfast and lunch after which we will once again be picking you up from your hotel room around noon. Another short drive and we will arrive at the first of two gardens that we will tour. The first will be hosted by Cecil Dunlop - Pheasant Daylilies, and the second by Norm Patton at his home. Each location has a great display of daylilies and we are confident you will enjoy each. Afterwards we will be returning you to your hotel (or to airport). We realize that some people will be flying home so we would just need to know your flight details.

The cost for the conference is $75 and seating is limited. Please explore this website. Feel free to send an email to nsdsregion4@gmail.com, or use the Feedback link at the bottom of the page if you have any questions about the cancellation or the alternative event.

Thank you,

  • Michelle Mercier
  • Greg Sutcliffe